Emergency short-term fosters needed at Austin Animal Center

The Austin Animal Center says it is in urgent need of short-term foster homes.

Currently, the shelter has 312 medium/large dogs on site, and with no more free space, the shelter says its next option is to house dogs in crates on its truckport. But the shelter says with expected high temperatures, that would not be a humane option to house incoming dogs.

The shelter is asking for help getting at least 20 medium/large dogs into short-term foster homes today. It's looking for foster homes that can keep a dog separate from other dogs, but there are dog-friendly pups as well.

Staff will be standing by until 6 p.m. to onboard fosters and help find the right match. 

The shelter is asking for at least a one-week commitment.  

The Austin Animal Center is located at 7201 Levander Loop Bldg A.