Austin City Council member opposes raising council member salaries

At least one Austin City Council member is against raising the salary of city council members.

The budget adoption meeting continued yesterday at City Hall and if the raise is approved, city council members will make about $117,000 a year. That's about 40% more than what they're making now, and it could cost taxpayers an additional $350,000 a year.

The measure is sponsored by Austin Mayor Steve Adler and council members Leslie Pool, Pio Renteria, and Ann Kitchen.

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In a statement, council member Paige Ellis, who represents District 8, says she would be voting against the increase.

"I will vote no to increasing Council Member salaries, as our priorities need to stay focused on working people right now. That includes recruitment and retention of city employees who will ensure that our parks are well-maintained, our pools are safe, and our curbside pickup services are timely," Ellis said.

If the budget is approved, it will go into effect on October 1.