Austin filmmaker Robert Rodriguez receives star at Paramount Theatre

Austin filmmaker Robert Rodriguez celebrated the unveiling of his star at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin on Saturday.

"By far the best honor I could ever receive," said Robert Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez is the seventh person to receive a star at the Paramount.

"He did not back down," said Patricia Vonne, Rodriguez’s sister and an actress and singer. "He fought for his vision of representation and inclusion."

The star is a huge honor for this Texas native.

"To have a star in a town where we make movies to show here and share with the community, especially a theater that's been here this long, it's being a part of history, overwhelming, overwhelming," said Rodriguez.


Before his movies became household names, the San Antonio director studied film at UT Austin.

Rodriguez is the director behind the well-loved Spy Kids movies.

He even turned Austin into the backdrop for the reboot "Spy Kids: Armageddon." 

Rodriguez is also known for directing "Sin City" and "Dusk Till Dawn," which premiered at the Paramount almost 30 years ago.

"That is why this moment means so much to him and to us," said Vonne.

His production company, Troublemaker Studios, is based here in Austin too.

"It's special because it made me realize I didn't have to move to Hollywood to be a filmmaker to realize my dream," said Rodriguez.

Now, this star-studded filmmaker wants to share his accomplishments with the fans that got him here.

"When you walk into the Paramount and you see my star, you know it's yours too, so just dance a little jig on top of it," said Rodriguez.

After the ceremony, Rodriguez joined Alexis Bledel for a screening of "Sin City" and a Q&A.