Mr. Doodle paints his largest U.S. mural in downtown Austin

A prominent artist has left his mark in Austin

Mr. Doodle’s largest mural in the United States is now located at 6th and Congress Ave.

"It’s a night that I’ll never forget," Sam Cox aka Mr. Doodle said.

Cox was busy all-night doodling. He was in town for South by Southwest to promote his new film and wanted to create a piece in Austin.

"Because his work is so energetic, creative, let it all out style, it’s a perfect mesh for Austin," Art + Artisans founder Jennifer Seay said.

Mr. Doodle worked with Art + Artisans, the Downtown Austin Alliance, Mural Supply Company, and the building owner.

"It was so special because it was truly the community coming together and we were not going to take no for an answer. We just felt it was so important to bring this free public art to the city of Austin from such a fantastic artist," Seay said.


They made it happen, so up went Mr. Doodle in the lift. "I get quite nervous going up that high, but after I while I felt comfortable, and it was really fun," Cox said.

Away he went creating his signature "graffiti spaghetti" style.

"I never really map out the drawings on paper or anything like that, generally I just kind of look at the space and kind of make a little face or character somewhere, and it leads to something else," Cox said.

He continued for about 12 hours.

"We were on such a real high energy from just the excitement from it all and there was a lot of people there as I went into the lift and they just kind of motivated me to keep going," Cox said.

"Oh my goodness, people were here cheering, they were so excited, he is so recognizable in his doodle outfit," Seay said.

The next morning, the piece was complete. "That felt amazing to me to leave something behind that felt special," Cox said.

Mr. Doodle said he hopes to come back to Austin and create some more.