Austin looking to hire 700 lifeguards; pays $20 per hour

Lifeguard Kelly Thune, a junior at the U of MN., kept a watchfull eye on the swimmers in Como Pool. Thune has been a guard at the St. Paul pool for the past three years.

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department is hoping to open all public pools this summer, which means they need to hire and train more than 700 lifeguards by the spring of 2023.

People ages 15 and older of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply now for free training.

Lifeguards ages 16 and up can start work now, and 15-year-olds can start once AISD lets out for summer break.

The City of Austin is offering several perks including a free CapMetro pass, a free uniform, and a $400 lifeguard training stipend when staff completes a certain amount of work hours during swim season.

The city says lifeguarding can be a fun summer job, a lifelong career, or a stepping stone into a career in public service or as a first responder.

They say it's a great way to learn lifesaving skills and build emergency response experience.

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