Austin man says Good Samaritan saved his life

An Austin man says he has a guardian angel. It's a woman, who he says saved his life.

Thanks to her he's recovering from a massive heart attack that could have easily killed him.

Matthew Galvez just celebrated father's day on Sunday with friends and family. It's something he could not have done, had a terrible health scare played out. Early on the Saturday morning of May 16, he was riding his bike with his cycling group. On his way back home, his life was forever changed.

"I thought I had fainted and fallen off my bike, I actually had a massive heart attack," said Galvez.

Considering his healthy eating habits and what he says are good cholesterol levels, Galvez thought he was the picture of health.

Just when he thought this would be the end of his life, he says his guardian angel came out of nowhere.

"A person pulled up and said, "Do you need a ride do you need help?" That was Rene'.

Rene-Geneva-Renkosays she left her baby girl, August with her husband that day and wanted to do a little antique shopping. On her way home she encountered Galvez.

"I found it odd," said Geneva-Renko.

She says she felt inclined to pull over to see if he was alright. He was not alright, and needed medical attention immediately.

"I actually fell over on top of her and I was not breathing, I was a dead body," said Galvez.

She then took him to St. David's South Medical Center in Austin.

"I pounded on the ambulance bay doors, and it was Grey's Anatomy back there," said Geneva-Renko.

Doctors were able to revive Galvez. He found out his heart had 100 percent blockage on the right side and 90 percent on the left. He underwent bypass surgery a few days after. He says if it weren't for Rene, he wouldn't be alive today.

"I'm trying to figure out why me and why am I so lucky"? said Galvez.

"I think it reaffirmed in my own life that the smallest gestures can make these huge differences," said Geneva-Renko.

"I think it's a wonderful thing to spread the word that there are really good people out there, and it's good to be good," said Galvez.

Galvez says he will be able to get back under the wheel to drive and become once again, active next week.