Austin man's phone, money stolen after night out on Sixth Street

An Austin man believes he was drugged and robbed after a night out at one of Austin’s entertainment districts. 

He says he woke up with no memory of the night prior with someone else’s phone and $10,000 gone from his bank account. According to Austin police, he may not be the only victim.

"I don't remember anything that happened that night," said Raj, an Austinite.

Last Friday night, Raj says he and a couple of friends went to West Sixth Street to bar hop. A common activity many Austinites do on the weekend.

"I was having a good time," he said.

A good time that quickly made a turn for the worst. After a certain point in the night, Raj says he cannot remember anything. Something he says he has never experienced before.

"I didn't drink more than any other night like it's just casual," said Raj.

Raj says he and his friend went to two to three different bars on West Sixth Street and only stayed out for around two hours. However, that is according to his friends since he does not remember leaving or how he got home.

"I was very confused when I woke up because I just had someone else's phone, and, I mean, that doesn't just happen," said Raj.

He said he had someone else’s phone inside his own phone case. On top of that, Venmo charges he does not remember authorizing.

"I saw emails with Venmo charging someone I don't know, and they pulled up to like $2,300," he said.

Raj found the recipient of those Venmo charges on Facebook by using the email in hopes of getting his phone back, but he found another victim instead.

"He thought I stole his phone and I robbed him, and it didn't make any sense to either one of us. We were talking about it, and we had the exact same experience: he woke up with someone else's phone in his phone case," said Raj.

Same story except this guy was on Rainey Street and Raj was on West Sixth Street. The man’s bank account was drained, and for Raj, almost $10,000 missing through Venmo, Target and Walmart charges.

"We just kind of assumed we probably got drugged, and they stole our phone with facial recognition. They got all our information after they had our phone after they drugged us," he said.

After reporting these events to police, Raj believes there are more victims.

Austin police say they are currently investigating and could not provide any details.

"I should have definitely been more careful," said Raj.

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