Austin Police Department launches Atlas One mobile app

The Austin Police Department has launched a free mobile app designed to give the community "unprecedented access" to online city services and information.

The Atlas One mobile app is a location-based civic engagement network that sends alerts to your smartphone about nearby community engagement, incidents, and announcements, says APD.

"We are extremely excited to launch Atlas One to the Austin Community today," said Interim Chief of Police Joseph Chacon in a release. "With Atlas One, we have the ability to send personalized geo-fenced notifications to an area as small as a building, allowing us to get information to the community in real-time. This technology will help keep our residents informed and possibly save lives."


The app allows APD to send geo-fenced push notification alerts when a public safety issue occurs nearby a user’s current location or places they care about, such as their home, school, or office. Alerts are interactive and can include text, photos, videos, documents, and even voice recordings.

How it Works

  • Download the free iOS or Android Atlas One App
  • Tap "GET STARTED" to create an Atlas One profile
  • Share your location or add favorite places that you want to track
  • If an alert occurs near your current location, or places you track, the app will send a push notification alert

In addition, residents will have one-stop-shop access to existing APD services and resources, such as the department's website, social media, and contact information. Users can also explore nearby incidents, community engagement, places, and interactive guides, says APD.

"As an Austin-based tech company, today is a major milestone for our team, both professionally and personally. Not only are we partnering with one of the most innovative police departments in the United States, but we are giving back to our community and providing an immensely valuable public safety service to Austin residents," said Kushyar Kasraie, CEO of Atlas One.

Kasraie said that Atlas One was built "with the belief that radical transparency is the backbone to lasting community partnerships and a prerequisite to achieving true public safety" and that getting to launch in Austin, the company's hometown, "is icing on the cake."


Additionally, users can find their District Representative Officer by using the Find Your District Representative link on the Community Engagement section of the app.

APD will also have the ability to publish incidents, events, places, and guides, and include interactive information such as directories, maps, news updates, links, and FAQs.

Atlas One VP Jamieson Johnson says that the app does also protect user privacy and that Atlas One does not track historical location or share personal data of its users with any third parties, including APD.