Austin ranks ninth in #RoadRage Instagram posts

According to a new study from the Auto Insurance Center, Austinites frequently upload #roadrage pictures and videos to Instagram.

The group analyzed thousands of posts from June 2013 to April 2016. Austin ranks ninth in the country for "road rage" posts.

"Austin is the #1 city to start a small business, I think it's the second most livable city for families in America.  This isn't really something we're aspiring to be," said Mayor Adler's Communications Director, Jason Stanford.

Data from TXDOT shows crashes in Texas involving road rage are on the rise. In 2012, it contributed to 960 crashes. In 2013, just over 1,000 and in 2014 the number grew to more than 1,100.

George Donoso says he's seen drivers racing each other before in Austin and it wasn't friendly competition either.

"Oh no and they put everybody else at risk.  I drive with kids in the backseat.  I think about their safety," he said.

Ok, we're all guilty of getting hot under the collar in Austin traffic.  But why does that end in bad behavior for some drivers?

UT Psychology Professor, author and radio host Dr. Art Markman says in traffic the only thing you can control is where your car is on the road, you can't control much else.

"All of these things that are out of your control take away what Psychologists call your 'agency.'  So 'agency' is all about your feeling that you can control the way the world works," Markman said.

And if you build up enough energy you have to let it out.  And unfortunately some people end up doing something completely inappropriate.

"I have a road rage case I remember in which I almost cut off a colleague of mine in the parking lot and this colleague didn't realize who it was and made a splendid gesture at me and we suddenly realized to our horror that we knew each other," Markman said.


"Take some deep breaths, put the radio on and listen to some nice soft music that you might like," Markman said.

On Wednesday, Mayor Adler has called for an 'Austin Don't Rush' day meaning he's encouraging Austinites not to be out on the road at the same time.  Stanford says the whole "no traffic" thing could definitely help reduce road rage.

"If you can flex your schedule or take the bus or take the bike, just don't sit in rush hour traffic again and get angry.  That's why the mayor is saying tomorrow, Wednesday...'Austin Don't Rush.'  Just take it easy.  Find another way in," Stanford said.

By the way, LA ranks number one for the most road rage posts, no surprise there.  And the month of August is the most popular month to feel that rage.