Austin Real Estate Agent escapes near attack

A terrifying moment for one real estate agent who was attempting to make a sale Tuesday.

She said a man who claimed to be a potential buyer wanted to see a home in Bertram. But when she opened the door to let him in a second man ran in after them and locked the door.

It was then the realtor ran out the garage, locked herself in her car and called police.

The two men sped off in their cars.

Alice Caron with Keller Williams Realty said when she got when of what happened to one of her own agents she was concerned. "She's still shaken up quite a bit about it and naturally she would be she's a young person with two small children and she's worried things could have gone really horribly wrong," Caron said. She said realtors often get placed in dangerous situations.

The agency has a safety policy requiring agents to meet with potential buyers at their office.

Caron said the same goes for their clients they make sure they’re aware of any appointments coming their way in advance and urge homeowners not to open their doors to strangers. "Know that something like this is possible and not to be afraid of everybody but be aware trust but verify," said Caron.