Some Austin Water customers may experience disruption due to waterline repair

Some Austin Water customers are urged to limit their water use while the utility repairs a major water line.

According to the City of Austin, Southwest area customers will be urged to conserve water beginning Friday, June 7. Utility repairs will be taking place near the Davis Lane pump station.

"There's about 50 or 60,000 people who live in the Southwest area that are served by this pump station," said utility director Shay Ralls Roalson.

The area ranges from the edge of the Barton Creek Greenbelt to the north, west of the Y at Oak Hill and east to Manchaca Rd. The southern boundary is along the Hays County Line. 

This work will also impact three of Austin Water’s wholesale customers: Shady Hollow, High Valley Water Supply Corporation, and Mid-Tex Utility. To see the full interactive map, click here.

Map of the affected area

The repair is estimated to last up to 12 hours, but may take longer.

"We expect this repair to take about 12 hours and not to have customer service impacts. But in the event that it takes longer, once we get into the repair, we want everyone to be prepared," said Ralls Roalson.

Low water pressure and service disruptions may take place while a leaking waterline is temporarily taken out of service.

Customers may not experience any issues, but Austin Water is notifying the community out of an abundance of caution.

Barbara Schwant and her husband live in the middle of the notification area.

"When they said that, I definitely will have some water in my refrigerator so we can drink," said Schwant.

Their yard plants will not dry up during the conservation period because a lot of the water they use to keep things green comes from a rain barrel located next to the house. 

This voluntary request is not like going from stage one to stage four, or dealing with a natural disaster where you're filling up your bathtub. The key word here is conservation.


Austin Water customers who got the notification are asked to do the following:

  • Turn off irrigation systems
  • Refrain from outdoor watering, which includes power washing and washing
  • It’s even advised to hold off on things like doing laundry and running dishwashers.

Filling up your bathtub is not part of the plan.

"What we are recommending is that people store water for essential uses. So that's about a gallon per person per day," said Ralls Roalson.

Austin Water will keep its reservoirs in Southwest Austin full leading up to Friday.

"But once it's out of service, it will have limited ability to refill the reservoirs. So, when customers conserve water, that allows that water supply to last longer so we can complete the repair without impacting any customer service," said Ralls Roalson.

Commercial car wash locations are expected to stay open during this notification period because most in Austin have recycling systems. 

Austin Water will offer free cases of bottled water at Bowie High School, 4103 W. Slaughter Lane, on Friday, June 7, from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Customers with service concerns or questions may contact Austin Water's 24/7 Customer Service Contact Center at 512-972-1000 and select option 1 for immediate assistance.