Recent rains help out lake levels in Central Texas

Now that temperatures are heating up in the city of Austin, people are loading up their boats and heading to Lake Austin.

The Austin area saw a significant amount of rain in the past couple of weeks. That much-needed rain helped out the lakes in our area.

According to Water Data for Texas, Lake Austin is 96 percent full.

"The water is totally up on the banks in some areas. If you go out there, you got guys in boats fishing in the reeds, going behind the reeds just to catch fish. So, it is definitely high and noticeable," said Joseph Jones, who is visiting Lake Austin.

"The water levels are better. Is perfect. You know, just to get out of the house to at that point," said Eric Johnson.

According to local emergency management services, last week's storms caused some localized flooding in our area.

"We came to this one because Stillhouse was closed. Georgetown was closed. Water levels are just too high. You can't even get to the ramps," said Jones.


While we have seen a significant amount of rain these past couple of weeks, several Central Texas cities are still under water restrictions. 

The city of Round Rock is currently in stage 1 of water restrictions, while San Marcos, Austin and Georgetown are in a stage 2 water contingency plan. The city of Kyle is under a stricter water restriction plan and is under stage 3 drought restrictions.

According to FOX 7 Austin's weather team, we could be seeing a slight chance of rain in our forecast this week.

"It's still low. Is lowered and it's way lower than this. Yeah. They should. I feel like they should have got a little bit more rain," said Johnson.

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