LCRA returns to Stage 1 of drought response as lake levels rise

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has returned to Stage 1 of its drought response following recent rains.

Combined storage in lakes Buchanan and Travis has increased to more than 1.11 million acre-feet, or about 56% of capacity, up from about 846,000 acre-feet, or 42% of capacity, on May 1, triggering the return to Stage 1.

Under Stage 1, LCRA requests its water customers reduce water use by 10% and requests its firm water customers – primarily cities, utilities and industries – implement mandatory restrictions to curtail water use.

In Stage 1, LCRA domestic customers may water outdoors up to twice a week on designated days. Under Stage 2 conditions, once-a-week outdoor watering restrictions were in place.


LCRA firm water customers develop and implement their own drought contingency plans that must be at least as restrictive as LCRA’s. Residential and commercial users should check with their water providers to determine their local watering restrictions.

There are specific criteria for when LCRA will exit Stage 1 of its drought response. If drought conditions improve and combined storage reaches 1.2 million acre-feet, or about 60% of capacity, LCRA would exit Stage 1 drought response for firm customers.

However, if conditions worsen and combined storage drops to 900,000 acre-feet, or about 45% of capacity, LCRA would return to Stage 2.

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