Austin's Zero Waste campaign

With people across the world celebrating Earth Day don't forget you can make an impact here in Austin. A major way you can make an impact is by recycling.

The City of Austin is working to make the capital city reach a point of Zero Waste. That means having Austinites keep 90 percent of discarded items out of landfills by 2040.

Every year, the city, along with Austin Resource Recovery, will have a short-term goal to reach Zero Waste.

This year, they're focusing on getting people to recycle more from their bathrooms. That includes plastic bottles used for shampoos, shower gels, lotion, and mouthwash.

You can also recycle the cardboard used for toothpaste and bar soap packaging and toilet paper rolls. But don't limit your recycling efforts to your bathroom.

There are things you from around your house and workplace you can put in your recycle bin, instead of your trash can.

To make it easier to recycle, Austin Resource Recovery allows you to mix paper, plastic, metal, and glass all in one bin. No sorting is required.

For more on what you can recycle and the Zero Waste campaign you can go here.