Autopsy confirms Pflugerville woman was pregnant when murdered

According to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Jennifer Ebichi, 32, was murdered in her Pflugerville home Friday night by her brother, Michael Egwuagu. Colleagues remember her as an “amazing and light-filled person.” 

Egwuagu played football for the Connally Cougars, then UT San Antonio. 

Ebichi was a loving mother of two, pregnant with her third child. “She talked about her family with so much love and appreciation,” said her colleague, Kellen Gildersleeve. The two worked together as labor and delivery nurses. 

“Jen made her patients feel cared for and safe,” Gildersleeve said. Adding that she also made work more pleasant for her fellow nurses, “she made it easier to be here at work for twelve hours.”  

“Jen always had a servant's heart, she wanted to be always helping others,” she said. 

She had been helping her little brother, Egwuagu, 25, Friday. She texted her twin brother Martin around 5:30 a.m. telling him Egwaugu was at the house and having a “crisis.” Just after 4 p.m., she sent her twin another text asking him to come over because “Michael needed him.” 

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When Ebichi’s twin Martin arrived, he found her oldest child outside the home covered in blood — with Ebichi’s friend from church. Ebichi, had asked the woman to come over earlier in the day. Inside the home, Martin found Ebichi in a pool of blood, on her kitchen floor.

The pregnant woman had been stabbed one to two dozen times in the stomach and face. Her face had been mutilated. 

Egwuagu exited the home with a bloody knife, smiled and told Ebichi’s friend from the church “I killed Jennifer.”

He crossed the street and knelt as though he were praying. He told his brother Martin he was “one of the good ones.” He stripped naked, throwing his blood-covered clothes in a neighbors trash can. He then attempted to approach Martin, who told him to stay away, until law enforcement arrived. 

“We’re all very, very sad to lose her so soon,” said Gildersleeve. 

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