Iconic Barton Springs leaning pecan tree to be removed due to fungal infection: PARD

An iconic leaning pecan tree at Barton Springs, known affectionately as "Flo," will be removed from the area due to a fungal infection, according to the Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

The tree was diagnosed with Kretzchmaria deusta, a brittle cinder fungus, on Aug. 15, 2023. Austin PARD says there is no effective treatment for the fungus, as the disease feeds on live tissue and can cause otherwise healthy-looking trees to collapse under their own weight.

After assessments by arborists and evaluating all options and public safety risks, the Parks and Recreation Department announced they would be removing the tree. Removal is scheduled to take place on Thursday, Sept. 14 during hours that the Barton Springs Pool is closed.


The tree has grown beside Barton Springs Pool for generations: the earliest known photos of the tree are dated from 1925-1926.

Austin PARD will be holding a Celebration of Life ceremony for "Flo" on Sept. 13 at 7 p.m. at Barton Springs Pool. The event honoring the tree will feature a water blessing and provide attendees with time to say farewell.