Best friend of dog attack victim speaks out

On Wednesday when 36-year-old Erin McClesky walked through the gate on Fay street serving civil papers, she never walked back out.  Several hours later a person who cares for the dogs on the property, found McClesky's body.

"Animal protection officers were called to the scene and they were able to pick up all the adult dogs that may have been involved in this woman's death," said Roger Wade with the Travis County Sheriff's Office.

Animal protection officials say four of the dogs appear to be Lab-Pyrenees mixes.  The other two: Husky-Australian Cattle Dog mixes. 

Several people we spoke with in the neighborhood Friday afternoon say the dogs weren't always behind the fence.  Sometimes they were out roaming around in the neighborhood.

Teodoro Vences lives down the street.  He says the dogs killed some of his chickens.  Vences says even though they seemed aggressive, he never saw them hurt anyone.

According to a representative for the company EZ Messenger, McClesky was a Certified Process Server for the State of Texas and the daughter of the company president.

We reached out to Christie Chantal.  She says Erin was her "best friend."  When she heard the news, the earth stood still. 

Chantal told Fox 7 in part: "Thanks to her, I became a better person.  If I were to mention all the things I learned from her, I would never finish.  I owe her so much.  It isn't possible to put into words the importance of friendship and how much Erin meant to me.  She positively influenced my life in so many ways and I will miss her with all of my heart.  Erin, thank you for your friendship.  I will miss you forever and never forget all of the time we spent together."

Travis County authorities say they don't plan on filing any criminal charges but this is still an open investigation. 

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