Bodies of couple found in Caldwell County

The bodies of a Caldwell County couple have been found after the couple was reported missing on Dec. 8.

The couple has been identified as Mark and Alisin Genfan. The Genfan's lived in the Martindale area.

The water flowing over the East River Road crossing near Martindale was low enough Monday for some to drive across. Friday night, however, the water was much higher.

“That creek can flood like crazy,” said McCoy Genfan, the couple's son. 

Genfan said his parents moved to their Caldwell County house on East River Road in the 90’s. They knew the area could flood, but McCoy said there have been times when road blocks went up, but the creek did not. It was thought that Friday night was one of those times.

“It was dark out and raining when this happened and I don’t think they just understood how intense the flooding was even if it was one day of rain, it was very intense,” said Genfan as he tried to understand why his parents drove into the flooded low water crossing near their home.

The body’s of his parents Alisin and Mark were recovered after a two day search. They were found down Morrison Creek, which flows into the San Marcos River. Friday, the Genfan’s were heading into Martindale where a Christmas festival was taking place

“It’s just horribly sad that there was loss of life at a happy time of year,” said local merchant Carlton Carl, who was one of the event organizers.

The gathering, according to Carl, was almost canceled due to the bad Weather.

“We thought about it unfortunately in Martindale there are very few ways of communicating with the entire community, other than the utility bills, and those don’t even go out to half the people in the area.”

The couple was well known in Martindale. They were regular participants at the town’s farmers market. Alisin specialized in flower arrangements, produce and honey from the hives she managed. Mark was a popular musician.

“They were very nice people, they always came out here for the farmers market, and they're usually set up right out here in this little square... Very, very nice people,” said Tom Futch who works in Martindale.

Just before the couple was swept away at the crossing, McCoy said he and his girlfriend helped his mother put up the last few ornaments on their tree. 

“It will be a sad Christmas, but I’ll get through it. I’ll have family and friends, I’m going to manage,” said Genfan.

The search and recovery effort was lead by the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office. Groups providing assistance included units from Texas Parks and Wildlife, TEXSAR, Martindale Volunteer Fire Department and the County EMA.