Brazilian officials: Swim team robbery didn't happen

Brazilian authorities say a robbery involving four U.S. swimmers, including two UT alumns, didn't happen. In fact police say it was the swimmers who committed a crime. And there is new video of what happened.

This is video of U.S. swimming gold medalists Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz and UT alums Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen visiting a gas station in Brazil the morning of the 14th.

The swimmers can be seen going into a bathroom. Another angle shows the men being ordered to sit on the ground with their hands up. Later they can be seen walking to a taxi in front of the gas station and exchanging money with gas station staff.

Prior to the release of this video, Lochte said his teammates were robbed at gunpoint by men with badges.

On Thursday, Brazilian authorities said that story was a cover up for what really happened.

"They went to the gas station. They went to the bathroom. One or more began to commit acts of vandalism in the bathroom at the gas station breaking mirrors and other, other equipment. This lead to a certain confusion at the gas station. Employees of the gas station try to control the situation,” said Fernando Veloso, head of Rio de Janeiro state civil police.

A gun was involved, but police say a security guard displayed it because one of the swimmers was upset.

"According to the reports they offered to pay and they did pay 100 Real and a $20 dollar bill to compensate the establishment for the damages,” said Veloso. "They left that money for the damages they had caused and they left the scene before a police vehicle could arrive."

Authorities say one swimmer has confessed to the version police laid out at the press conference. The swimmer was not named. Conger was detained before his flight out of Rio Wednesday night and is being questioned by authorities. FOX 7's John Hygh spoke with Conger when he was made available at the UT campus prior to the Olympic trials.

"It's all a matter of just kind of racing and putting the thoughts towards the back of your head and not thinking about it and just trying to get your hand on the wall first,” said Conger.

Conger would earn a gold medal for helping the U.S. team qualify in the 4x200 meter freestyle prelims.

Jimmy Feigen would also earn gold for helping the 4x100 meter freestyle relay qualify.

Feigen is represented by attorney Mark Hull. We visited Hull's East Austin office. His assistant said he would not be commenting at this time. It is unclear if Feigen has met with authorities.

On the UT campus, Conger and Feigen's gold medal status is a bit tarnished.

"I think it's a great thing to be a longhorn so when you have these longhorns doing great things and then they exhibit negative behavior it kind of makes us all look bad,” said Breona Autrey, UT student.

"I don't know what to trust anymore. We all kind of do that. If we do something bad kind of make these white lies, but this is too much," said Andrew Monteverde, UT student.

Authorities say the swimmers who have been questioned will be allowed to go back home now that they have given their versions of what happened. They did not talk about the possibility of filing any charges and what those charges might be.