Brenda Ramos still fighting for justice for her son

It's been one year since Mike Ramos was killed by Austin Police Officer Christopher Taylor and Ramos’ mother says she’s been fighting every day for justice.

"You can't bring my son back, you took him away from me," said Brenda Ramos.

For the past year, Brenda Ramos says she’s felt immense pain over the loss of her son. "I pray to God to give me strength. There's times where I want to, you know, but then I think of my son and I have to do it for my son."


Ramos says she’s wanted justice for her son Mike since the day he was shot and killed by Taylor on April 24, 2020. "All that blood was splattered in that, that's my blood, that's me, you know, and that hurt me so much," she said.

APD booking photo of officer Christopher Taylor

Taylor was recently charged with Mike Ramos’ murder and is awaiting a trial. Ramos says she thought he would be behind bars by now.

"I don't wish this on anybody. Nobody, they don't have to be murdered like that. There's other ways. [Mike] didn't know what was going on and all these cops. He didn't know nothing," said Ramos. 


A year later, Ramos says she's not giving up. She says it's her son that keeps her fighting. "I miss him so much. I feel like he's still here, you know, he comes, drives up, goes straight to the kitchen and refrigerator to eat," she said.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to the Travis County District Attorney’s Office for details into Officer Taylor’s trial date. The DA’s spokesperson sent this:

"The District Attorney’s office is collaborating with all of the dedicated stakeholders who have been working to safely reopen the courts and restart jury trials. While there are no jury trials scheduled to start at this time, we will stay in communication with the Travis County community as more information becomes available."


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Mike Ramos was shot and killed during an officer-involved shooting by Taylor, who was previously under investigation for shooting another man months prior.

In April 2020, APD got a call about a man in a car with a gun possibly doing drugs. The man was 41-year-old Ramos, who was then shot and killed by Taylor on scene. APD later disclosed Ramos was unarmed.

The shooting occurred in a parking lot at the Rosemont at Oak Valley apartments. A cell phone video shared with FOX 7 Austin shows Ramos with his hands up, showing his waist. He is standing on the drivers-side of a car, telling police he is unarmed. 

Police yell commands at Ramos before Ramos is shot once with a bean bag. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley says the less-lethal weapon was fired by rookie Austin Police Officer Mitchell Pieper. 


Ramos then gets into a car and attempts to drive away when Taylor shoots him three times with a rifle. Manley confirmed that Taylor was one of two officers who fired a lethal weapon, killing a man experiencing a mental health crisis in downtown Austin in July 2019

Just 4 months before the Ramos shooting, attorneys filed a petition calling for a use-of-force investigation of all three officers involved in the death of DeSilvaThe petition called for evidence to be released