APD releases Mike Ramos officer-involved shooting video

The Austin Police Department has released video from the officer-involved shooting which left Mike Ramos dead. On Friday, April 24, 41-year-old Ramos was shot and killed in Southeast Austin by Austin police officer Christopher Taylor.

APD had delayed the release of the video. 

Officials say that in an effort to protect privacy rights and to avoid the release of information that state law prohibits the department from releasing, the materials in the video have been edited or redacted as necessary. The redactions or edits do not affect the operative conduct of what occurred during this incident.



Brenda Ramos, Mike's mother, recently spoke to FOX 7 Austin and says that in the three months since her son's death she’s seen no movement in his case. In fact, she says its just been delay after delay.

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Travis County District Attorney Margret Moore also announced recently that she will not be presenting Mike Ramos’s case next month. Moore says she will leave the job to the next elected DA. This comes after she lost her seat in the Democratic runoff.

Brenda Ramos says she is disappointed but would rather a new DA handle her son’s case.

Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday said this is the first step in transparency in this case, but more videos are needed.

“The video you saw today tells one story but in context when it's included with other video it tells a completely different story. There are other people on the end of that chain down where the car is closer to, that I believe evidence will show they were in fear for their lives," he said.

The Austin Police Department said it plans on releasing more videos of the shooting in the future.