Bronco Off-Roadeo '4xFun' experience in Horseshoe Bay opens

If you're looking for an off-roading, outdoor adventure that's not too far from Austin you can head just up the road to Horseshoe Bay where you can try the Bronco Off-Roadeo "4xFun" experience.

It's one of only four spots in the U.S. to off-road in a Ford Bronco and is designed for all skill levels.

Starting July 1, Bronco Off-Roadeo’s "4xFun" is open to the public. The experience is great for novices and experts alike, and includes ground school, trail drive with on-trail education, and thrilling challenges across rugged terrain. 

The adventure was specifically designed to build your confidence off-road and provide you with a look into the world of exciting off-road and outdoor adventures. 

Other locations for the owner-exclusive experience are in Moab, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

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