Businesses begin cleanup along Lamar Boulevard

Businesses along Lamar Boulevard are cleaning up after parts of it flooded. It's bringing back memories of the 1981 Memorial Day flood.

Water jumped the banks of Shoal Creek Monday soaking Ray Canfield's Saloon and covering Lamar Boulevard.

Tuesday, a team cleared the restaurant and began cleaning.

This business isn't alone.

Sandbags didn't do much for the Goodwill store nearby. Water moved racks of clothes damaging more than 100,000 items, all of which were donated.

The city says the flood gauge at 12th and Lamar recorded water at 20.8 feet, the second highest since the gauges were installed in the 70's. The highest was Memorial Day 1981.

On that day, Shoal Creek reached 23 feet.

Since then improvements over the years like retention ponds have helped according to the city but more mitigation is needed.

Shoal Creek is certainly a high priority because there are a lot of flooded properties but that type of project would mitigate that is huge more than 100 million to build another tunnel.

As the cleanup continues, the priority along Lamar is to get back to business.