Car crashes into FOX 7 employee's home

A FOX 7 employee and her husband had an unnerving experience early Sunday morning when a car crashed into their shed. 

Marisa Hamvay says she was woken up around 2 a.m. when her dog began barking. She alerted her husband that she heard voices and saw a light in their shed. 

“[My husband] looked out the window, and he goes that's not a light, that's a car, there's a car in our shed.” she said. 

The car came too close for comfort for the Round Rock couple and their home off of Gattis School Road. 

“I’m really grateful they hit our shed and not our house. Our bedroom is right there,” she said, gesturing towards her house. 

Hamvay says the couple is also grateful the woman inside the car appeared to be “okay.” The pair listened as she spoke with officers. 

"She was saying that she and her husband were in a fight and that she was driving, and he grabbed the steering wheel and made her swerve,” Hamvay said. “And they crashed into our wall, and then into our shed and then he, that he ran off.”

The couple is not pursuing charges. 

They are currently assessing property damage. Working to determine whether a fence in the back of their yard belongs to the city or developers. 

“I'm really happy. Happy that she was okay,” Hamvay said. “She didn't seem injured at all, she was really shaken up.”