City clears out homeless camp under I-35 overpass in downtown Austin

Police have torn down all of the tents and cleaned up trash from a large homeless camp in downtown Austin.

The camp was located under the I-35 overpass between 6th and 7th Streets near Austin Police Department Headquarters.

The City of Austin says officers were out at the camp on September 29 to enforce laws against camping. 

City officials say they received 100% voluntary compliance with no tickets are arrests.

Christopher Neals, who was living at the camp, says he lost everything. He says once cleanup crews came they were told they were going to be bused to a hotel but then he was told there's nowhere for them to go.

"I lost all my daughter's clothes. All of my clothes. I had $400 in there from my social security stashed. I had my tent locked up. Everything's in the trash. I lost everything. I have the clothes on my back," Neals says. "I don't know what to do."

Officials say they're focused on taking a humane approach to enforce the camping ban but shelter capacity remains limited.


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