City of Georgetown to close city parks, trails for Easter weekend

The City of Georgetown will be closing all of its parks and trails for Easter weekend. 

The announcement came Wednesday afternoon from the city as the closures begin Thursday, April 9 at sunset and are scheduled to reopen at sunrise on Monday, April 13. 

“I recognize family activities are already limited, and holidays are a special time to gather with our loved ones. However, we simply cannot afford to take the risk. Your health and your family’s health are too important,” Georgetown Mayor Dale Ross said. “Please keep your family and your neighbors in mind as you plan your holiday celebrations. Continue to follow all the physical distancing guidance and other recommendations from public health and government officials. Do it for your family, for your neighbors, and for that special place we call home, Georgetown, Texas.”

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"Please celebrate safely this weekend. COVID-19 is very real and spreading in Georgetown," the city said in part on Twitter. 

Georgetown is the latest Central Texas city to announce park closures. Other cities include: 

The cities have mentioned they are closing the parks to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. 


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