Clarkston teens save children from drowning in ocean rip current in Florida

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They went down to Florida for fun in the sun.
It turns out they were in the right place at the right time - and became life-savers. Two local teens are heroes after saving two young children from drowning. 

It was Serene Spring Break in Florida where best friends and juniors at Clarkston High School were soaking it all in when their trip took a turn.  

"We were out in the ocean boogie boarding when we saw the kids floating by screaming," said Alex Byrd.

"We weren't really sure if they were playing around," said Tyler Brueck. "So we looked more clearly and we kind of made out 'help me.'"

Two kids they didn't know, 6 and 8 years old, were caught in a rip current. it pulls you away from shore and challenges even the best swimmers. 

"His head kind of went under the water a little bit," Alex said. "And right then I just reacted and just pulled the kid up out of the water and I told him to go get the girl."

There they were - one arm slung around each kid swimming hard to save them. 

"I have no lifeguard training whatsoever," Alex said.

 "Same here," Tyler said.

The teens knew to swim around the rip current not straight back to shore. 

"I was just trying to use the waves to propel me forward and when I could stand, I just carried her out," Tyler said. "She was traumatized she was breathing but wasn't saying anything."

Amazingly both kids seemed to be okay, just scared and their parents stunned. 

"The mom was in the shock," Alex said. "And the dad was just disbelief."

The teen's dads couldn't be any prouder of their boys. 

"What's amazing is that they were there at the right moment and didn't hesitate," said John Brueck, Tyler's father.

"There was no doubt in my mind that if they hadn't been where they were, this story ends a completely different way," David Byrd, Alex's father said. 

The lesson here, is don't ignore those beach warnings. It's how these young heroes knew how to react. 

"I never would have thought I could do something like that that," Tyler said. "It goes to show that anyone can do it. I saved a life. It's something literally I never thought would happen in my life."