Class Act: Campbell Elementary students decorate CapMetro's new electric buses

Starting next week, Austinites will begin seeing the artwork of some local elementary school students on Capitol Metro's new electric buses.

It's part of a collaboration between CapMetro, Austin ISD and the organization Creative Action.

Brynn Mills is a third-grader at Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute in East Austin. Mills is one of 23 students who will see their artwork on two of CapMetro's electric buses being rolled out next week.

Kevin Abeyta, Campbell's art specialist, oversaw the project, which involved all of the school's 200 students.

The kindergarteners and first-graders handpainted all of the paper used for the collage project, the second, third and fourth-graders chose different locations, from Lady Bird Lake to the South Congress bridge, to downtown to Mueller, and the fifth graders were designated to do portraits, "faces of, you know, the future of this town," says Abeyta.

Students worked on the project for about a month, and Abeyta, who is super proud of his students, is excited for the public to see their artwork.

"It honors the next generation - I would hope people would pull from that," Abeyta said. "And, say not only is the bus cool looking,  but, that they realize, ya know, there's little people coming up that are going to inherit what we do now."

The students' artwork will be unveiled on Jan. 22 when CapMetro rolls out its new electric bus fleet.

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