COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases popping up in Central Texas

A spike in COVID-19 cases continues to plague Central Texas and a small number of fully vaccinated people are also contracting the virus. 

According to the CDC, the chances of this happening are low but still possible especially if they come in direct contact with someone who has the virus.

"I have made the choice to go back in public without a mask on and now I have contracted this," said Merrideth Jiles who is fully vaccinated and got COVID-19.

Jiles was vaccinated with Pfizer in the spring, and is an example of what the CDC calls a vaccine breakout case. "Even though you may have been vaccinated, you are still ultimately responsible for your health and the health of others around you," said Jiles.

Jiles attended a concert last week with some friends, when the weekend rolled around he felt off. "My friend and I both had the feeling, oh this must just be allergies." It turned out he along with others at the event got COVID-19. "On Saturday and the next day I felt a lot worse, real congested and a bad headache."

According to the CDC, while low it’s still possible for someone who is fully vaccinated to get COVID-19. In Williamson County, their health district reported 3.7% of their COVID-19 cases since March involved those fully vaccinated.

The CDC said in these vaccine breakthrough cases, symptoms tend to be less severe and there is also less of a chance for hospitalizations. 

"My message would be if you were not vaccinated please get vaccinated. I’ve been through it it’s not terrible, nothing bad is going to happen to you. If you are vaccinated just remember you can still get COVID and you are still ultimately responsible for not only yourself but those you expose yourself to," said Jiles.

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