CRIMEWATCH UPDATE: Weiss HS alleged sexual assault being investigated by feds

The Weiss High School student who says she was sexually assaulted in the restroom after an encounter with a classmate back in April is getting more and more support from her peers and now the US Department of Education.

"He started getting flustered with me because I kept saying no," she said to FOX 7 in early July. "He ended up pulling me in the restroom and doing what he did, and then when I went back to class, everything was more of like a blur."

Her mother claims district officials did not do enough to protect her daughter. Pflugerville ISD said they then hired an independent investigator.

"It was a worthless three hours talking to her, because she was doing what they call victim blaming, that's how I felt," said her mother.

After filing a complaint, this mother received a response from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, saying they have opened an investigation.

The letter says they will not only see if the school responded to the alleged assault appropriately, but also investigate if they accommodated the 14-year old's educational needs. They also will look to see if the school violated her rights under Title IX, which protects students from discrimination in education programs based on sex.

"She would ask for it and they would tell her no," her mother said. "Specifically on her final she asked if she can go to content mastery for a little bit more time and the math teacher said no."

The teenager has since been diagnosed with PTSD and goes to weekly therapy. Her mother says her daughter has been garnering support from her peers after speaking out.

"They talked about doing a boycott, they were talking about doing a stand in," she said.

After this is all over, she hopes her daughter comes out stronger, and the district can make some improvements.