UT fans react to dead longhorn found at OSU frat house

One thing about the Texas Longhorns is that they are proud of their school. Hearing the news that a dead longhorn was found outside an Oklahoma State University fraternity house on Friday did not sit right for many.

"It was so sad to see the videos posted online of the dead longhorn just being, like, dragged and pulled," said UT student Camilia Veratudela. "And it was just very disheartening."

"I just feel like we are, like, such a strong student population and we, like, take so much pride in our school," said UT student Gabby Besnard. "And I feel like so many schools have such a problem with it. And they think that, like, we're the most annoying about our school and, like, we're so proud about it, but, like, we are proud for a reason. And then they take our mascot and, like, do that? That's just like, ridiculous."

Even Governor Greg Abbott tweeted on ‘X’ "That ain't right" and "Big mistake."

The fraternity said the body of the longhorn was found in the yard with, "A phrase referencing our chapter in an inappropriate manner."

UT students say OSU students really crossed the line with this incident.

"I don't really understand, like, fire to bring animal cruelty into it," Besnard said. "It's just a football game. And I feel like we don't even have any connections to OSU in the first place, like our main rival's OU."

Photo courtesy: Kennedy Thomason, news editor from The O’Colly


Oklahoma State University sent out a release in reference to the incident and saying:

"OSU is appalled at the disturbing display of animal cruelty that occurred overnight at an off-campus location near a fraternity house. The Stillwater PD is investigating the incident, and the university’s Office of Student Support and Conduct has initiated an investigation.

"Oklahoma State expects all students to adhere to university codes of conduct, and appropriate action will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation."

The discovery comes ahead of this weekend's Oklahoma State-Texas Big 12 Championship game. 

At this time, police have not indicated if they believe the incident is connected to the upcoming game.

" I mean, that's poor sportsmanship, certainly. Hopefully, they find who's responsible for it," UT fan Willie Cantu said. "Luckily, after tomorrow, we don't have to play these guys again anymore. That's just awful."