Deadly road rage suspect still in Mexico, family waiting for justice

It was September of 2017 when Alfred  "Dre" Lockett was murdered. 

For his cousin Jameca, it still feels like it happened yesterday. “I get a call from my sister Lisa, and Lisa was like ‘Dre is gone’ and I'm like, ‘What do you mean Dre is gone?’ She was like…’Dre is gone,’” said Mitchell.

Austin police say Lockett was driving his car near Parmer and Dessau at the time before encountering Juan de Dios Carbajal-Jaimes. “We believe there was an accident that first started this. There was a collision between the vehicles. We don't know at which point that collision occurred. But we do believe the two vehicles came in contact with each other,” said Lt. Jason Staniszewski with the Austin Police Department in 2017 shortly after the incident.

Police say Lockett followed Carbajal-Jaimes into a nearby CVS parking lot. “I believe he hit my cousin's car, that's why my cousin followed him. That's why the guy must've gotten angry,” said Mitchell.

Minutes before his life was cut short, Lockett took a picture of the suspect on his cell phone.

“Yes he did take that photo. It just saddened me on both ends because the guy was only 18-years-old and your life is practically over. You took somebody else's life and their life is ruined, our life is not the same,” said Mitchell.

Police say Carbajal-Jaimes got out of the car at the CVS lot. Mitchell says a witness told her what happened next. “He saw the guy get out his car and approach my cousin's car and my cousin was never even able to get out of the car. He shot him twice in the chest,” said Mitchell.

Austin police say Carbajal-Jaimes fled to Mexico and he is still believed to be there.

They have a warrant out for his arrest, and will work to try and extradite him if he is found. “I feel like they need to really work harder with authorities in Mexico and get this boy, bring him back to Texas for punishment,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell remembers her cousin as a kind spirit and selfless person. “He didn't have to know you to help you. He did not look down on people and he never judged. He did not look down on people. He was an angel,” said Mitchell. 

The case is solved, but not closed.

Although Lockett’s family forgives the suspect, what they are patiently waiting on is his day in court. “Vengeance is not mine, it's the Lord's. He shall repay,” said Mitchell.

If you know anything about this case, call the APD Homicide Tip Line 512-477-3588.



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