Deerpark Middle School sewing club raises money for animals rescued from Australia wildfires

The sewing club at Deerpark Middle School in Round Rock held a special fundraising event Tuesday to raise money to help animals rescued from the wildfires in Australia. The club was able to raise $270 for Australia wildfire relief, according to the Round Rock Independent School District.

Students sewed quilts and other handstitched items and sold them to fellow students and parents after school.

"I felt very sad for the koalas and the animals," student Monique Barraza said. "So, I really wanted to help with sewing club."

The students were surprised by how fast the merchandise went, as many of the items sold out within minutes. "It's pretty cool because it's cool that we can do this much to help animals in another continent," student Haley Goebel said.

The students say they were inspired to help after hearing more than a billion animals have been killed as a result of the wildfires in Australia.

Google announced that it would match the sewing club's donation for Australia wildfire relief.