Del Valle artists ask driver to quit dumping trash in their sanctuary

Tucked away alongside Eiler Road in Del Valle is Un.Inc., an artist sanctuary.

About six artists rent out space on the property to live and create work.

Ben Gibson, the co-founder of the organization said they chose the quietness of Del Valle to create a peaceful environment for artists. "You get to get away from Austin and kind of find some stillness to think more clearly ad come up with more ideas and just find that space to create," Gibson said.

The sanctuary has become their home whether it's leaving a small canvas out to dry or hanging up their wielding tools but overtime their home has become cluttered with junk.

"It's been a reoccurring problem for years that people will come out here and just dump trash,” said Gibson. "I think the county is doing their part I think it's time just for the local neighborhood to kind or raise awareness and get together to stop this from happening."

Mattresses, tires, and bags of trash can be seen thrown on the side of the road. Gibson said the county will come by time from time to clean-up the mess but more trash will pop up alongside the road. He plans to put up cameras outside of the property and hopes the public will take their trash elsewhere.