Downtown robbery victim describes attack

Austin police say two men are robbing people after they leave bars at closing time. It's happening in the entertainment district east and west of I-35 downtown. 

FOX 7 spoke with one of the victims. We are not revealing her identity to protect her as the suspects are still at large.

"I feel completely unsafe to walk by myself anymore," she said.

Austin police say there have been five victims since early June. All were targeted after they left bars downtown. 

Our victim was assaulted on July 10th when she rounded the corner of Waller off East 7th.

"I just hear someone running behind me," she said. "I turn around. Soon as I turned around some guy shoved me from behind onto the pavement and I turn around he starts waving a gun at me and is yelling at me for my purse. Immediately grabs it off my shoulder and takes off. I was in complete shock. Didn't know what was going on."

She was left with scrapes on her knees and hands and an ache in her shoulder. She says her attacker was a Hispanic man.

"He wasn't huge or anything, just average build. He didn't throw me off as being a dangerous man at all," she said.

Police released a photo of him along with someone who they believe to be his accomplice. Officers also provided this description of the two:

Suspect #1

Hispanic male
Early 20s
Approximately 5'9" in height
Has a distinctive walk
Heavy set build

Suspect #2

Black male
Early 20s
Approximately 6' in height
Shoulder-length dread locks
Thin build

Police also released a photo of the vehicle they may be using--a gray or tan four-door sedan, possibly a Buick with damage to the left rear of the vehicle.

The two are believed to have struck the corner of 7th and Waller twice, once at 5th and Comal and twice on streets south of the bars along Rainey Street. All crimes have occurred between midnight and 4 a.m. Friday through Sunday.

Victims include four women and one man. Officers say he was kicked and punched.

"These victims are being caught in the dark, which brings to mind for people to be aware of their surroundings," said Detective Steven Nash.

After going through it, the victim FOX 7 spoke to had this advice.

"At this point I say everybody, females, don't walk by yourselves have somebody with you at all times don't make yourself a target," she said. "He's done this before. He's practiced. He knows exactly where to stand to jump out at you to give the surprise factor. Be cautious."

If you recognized either of the robbery suspects, Austin police ask that you call the robbery tip line at 512-974-5270.

Officers say the last time the men struck was two weeks ago.