Drunk driver on ICE hold after killing Bastrop couple on motorcycle

James Funderbugh has been riding motorcycles with his brother Billy for much of his life.

Early Sunday morning 45-year-old Billy Funderburgh and his 38-year-old wife Natalee were heading back to Bastrop from Elgin on their Harley softtail when 38-year-old Rudulfo Campuzano hit them from behind in a Kia, killing them both.

"He was actually hit so hard that it jammed his license plate up under his...almost to the engine which should be back here," James said pointing to the mangled bike.

On Highway 95, there's an automated sign that says "fatality occurred here.  Drive safely."  It's an eerie warning to drivers as they pass through.  The Funderburgh family says Billy and Natalee and their motorcycle were dragged nearly 200 yards before the driver took his foot off the gas.

"Guy was so drunk he left the scene and they ended up picking him up later and brought him back and gave him a sobriety test and he failed," James said.

DPS confirmed that for Fox 7. Also looking at records from Travis County, Campuzano had been arrested for DWI there in 2011.

"If they would have paid closer attention maybe this wouldn't have happened, maybe we wouldn't be here to do this," said Billy's dad Buddy.

Buddy is having a hard time after losing his oldest.

"His daughter just died 2 years before that, Billy's daughter and he wasn't quite over her death and I now know how he feels to lose a child," Buddy said.

But the message he wants to get across is clear.

"Holidays are coming up and I just urge everyone please don't drink and drive...just don't.  Because it doesn't just affect the people that you hit, it effects everybody.  If it saves one life then I guess he died you know...and Natalee too...they both loved riding their bike in the wind and just being free," Buddy said.

In addition to an ICE hold, Campuzano is currently in the Bastrop County Jail charged with not one but 2 counts of intoxicated manslaughter.  Billy and Natalee's funeral is this Saturday at 7pm at the Elgin Funeral Home.