East Austin SWAT incident ends

*WARNING* Video contains content that some viewers might find disturbing.

The Austin Police Department SWAT team responded to an incident in East Austin to the area of Manor Road and Loyola Lane, just south of HWY 183.

SWAT was called Thursday afternoon shortly after 5:30 p.m. Two men barricaded themselves inside a house that police believe belonged to one of the suspect's relatives. When they wouldn't come out, the SWAT team was called in.

After the SWAT team arrived, a crowd of onlookers kept growing in the neighborhood.

At one point in the evening, 20-year-old Dominique Devon Smith came out of the house with his hands up and police shot him with non-lethal bean bag pellets.

Authorities tell FOX 7's Casey Claiborne, even though his hands were up, they shot him because he was not complying with orders and carrying a knife.

"Having your hands up is not being compliant completely. And you're being given other commands like get down on the ground, keep your hands where we can see you and if you're not doing those things you're not being compliant," said Surei Scanlon, a senior police officer with APD.

After Smith was shot, there was a struggle between officers and Smith. He already was wanted for probation violation and had a warrant out for his arrest for evading in a motor vehicle. Smith is now being charged with attempted capital murder for the attack on officers.