Elgin Christmas Tree Farm a holiday tradition for some

The fresh smell of Christmas trees mixed with holiday tradition and a sprinkle of some fun - that’s what the holiday season is about. 

For many - the holiday season is focused around family and deep-rooted traditions and for some, that includes the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm. 

“It's a tradition between me and him and he had to have a tree so here we are,” said Brian Mendez. 



Mendez and his son, Brodie, have been coming out to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm for six years. The first time they came, Brodie was just four years old. 

“He loved it,” Mendez said. “So, now it’s like, “Okay, when are we going, and we try and come each year around the same time.” 

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Mendez said that for them, it’s a chance for them to bond and to have a special moment. “Even with everything still going on and the pandemic,” Mendez said. “The way things are, the little things like this make everything so much better,” 

Brodie said that coming out is exciting. He added his favorite part is getting to pick out and cut down the "perfect tree." “Kinda just like pulling it, cause you just drag it away, and cutting it, that's awesome,” he said. 

While for them, it’s a fun afternoon, they know the memories will last even longer. 

“Going out and cutting down trees with my family is something that we have always done,” Brian said. “When we moved out to Texas we didn't really have that option as much so when we lived in the city. We always had to have plastic trees, and it wasn’t like it was before. So, when we found this place, we had to come. He (Brodie) was definitely stoked every time we came.”  

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Twyla Nash owns the farm and she said having so many people come out to buy her trees as a tradition is an honor, but it’s also a responsibility. She said this year, she didn’t even know how things were going to play out. “Everything was always up in the air,” Nash said. 

But, she said she thought about the families that make this a tradition. “And I always thought about the families that had been coming for 30 years and what that would make them feel like,” 

She said through faith, everything worked out in the end, adding she’s thankful more than ever that this holiday season there is some positivity to go around.  

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“They are just enjoying being together, having memories they’ll have of coming out every year and playing together and having fun and taking their tree home and getting to decorate it,” she said. 

The farm says that they no longer have any trees above 7 ft. and are out of pre-cut Fraser Firs. They will also close for the season Friday, December 11th at 5:30 pm. For more information, visit their website.