Evacuations lifted for Hermosa Fire near Wimberley

Crews are continuing to contain the Hermosa Fire near Wimberley. It started in the River Mountain Ranch area between Bluff View and the Blanco River.

As of Friday evening, the fire had burned 43 acres and is 65 percent contained. The evacuation order was lifted 6 p.m. Friday.

"We have people, boots on the ground, in every sense of the word, they are hiking around the fire, they are searching in the engines, they are searching for areas of heat," Kimberly Kaschalk, public information officer with Texas A&M Forest Service said.

The Forest Service is asking people to check their property when they get back home. If you find any small hot spots, put it out. If it's something major, call 911.

One home and two outbuildings had minor damage from the fire.

Crews are looking for residual fire and hot spots that might spread past the containment line. Officials say full containment could take a few more days.

"That is why containment takes so long, we literally have to search and destroy, find these areas, and put them out," Kaschalk said.

Out-of-state crews are also digging containment lines by hand because the rough terrain is hard on dozers.

As people head back home, some are also bringing their animals back.

Dripping Springs Ranch Park took care of 52 horses and three dogs that were displaced from recent fires.

One horse owner, Hella Zoet, is in the process of getting her 13 horses back. She evacuated them on Thursday as a precaution.

"[It was] super stressful. It was scary. I was actually working down in San Antonio for the day when I got the call they were going to evacuate, and I dropped everything and came here. My horses are my babies," she said.


The park can take care of livestock from surrounding counties during weather events and natural disasters.

"That's why we're here, we do events and horse shows and things like that, but it's definitely an honor to give people piece of mind while we receive their animals," Emily Nelson, manager of Dripping Springs Ranch Park said.

The park has had donations and volunteers come and help turn over stalls. They say they have enough volunteers.

"It's fantastic. It's a great facility, people have been super helpful," Zoet said.

Officials say if you are going to the area of the fire, be careful because there are still crews and emergency vehicles around.