Fans reflect on Moto GP at COTA experience on final day

Sunday was the third and final day for Moto GP at Circuit of the Americas. The event had racing from Moto GP, Moto2, Moto3, MotoAmerica, and the all-new North America Talent Cup.

"I thought it was pretty awesome. It's cool to see how fast they go and when they do the turns and the noise is so intense. It was fun," attendee Arleen Munoz said.

This was the only stop in the U.S. for the season.

"I loved it. There were like a bunch of cool moments where everybody was overtaking each other, and it was just a lot of tension," attendee Vivian Vitti said.

"I think when they would pass by but also seeing them dip into the bikes that was pretty cool, but definitely being up close and personal is different than on TV," attendee Madison Muton said.

"It's so much more fun in person. You get to feel the real live action, and the energy, it's all around you. It's a lot more fun doing it with everybody else," Vitti said.

The first time Moto GP was at COTA was in 2013. Along with watching the race, fans could also enjoy amusement rides and other activities at the venue.

"This place is like so well done, and there's so many things to do, and it's really exciting," Vitti said.

The next stop for the world championship will be in Portugal.

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