Fayette County to reopen some businesses, county services on May 1

Fayette County is looking to open some area businesses following Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to lift the current stay at home policy. 

In a letter addressed to the residents of Fayette County, Judge Joe Weber said the county will begin to open businesses according to Phase I of Gov. Abbott's Open Texas plan.


"This reopening plan contains 14 checklists with minimum recommended health protocols for both owners and occupants to follow.  This document is laid out extremely well and easy to navigate for both business owners and customers in determining which protocols are applicable for specific types of businesses and organizations," Judge Weber wrote. 

Business reopening in Phase I must limit the occupancy of their facilities to 25%.

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According to Judge Weber, the businesses that will not open in Phase I include: 

  • Massage parlors 
  • Tattoo studios
  • Hair salons 
  • Gyms 
  • Barbershops 
  • Bowling alleys 
  • Arcades

Restrictions on large public and private gatherings above ten people are also still in effect throughout the county, meaning many spring events remain canceled, "In light of the fact that spring in our county begins the cycle of church picnics, private organization fundraisers, Volunteer Fire Department fundraisers, traditional dance hall activities, etc. -- these events remain on hold.," Judge Weber wrote. 

The judge also wrote that, with help from the Texas State Guard, free mobile testing will begin at the fairgrounds on Friday, May 1 at 9 a.m. The testing is by appointment only and the county is looking to test between 60-80 people.

"Please understand that with increased testing, we can expect increased positive cases, but I firmly believe the county at this point in time will be able to manage those cases in a safe and responsible manner," Judge Weber wrote. 

Call 512-883-2400 or click here to sign up to get tested. 

Phase I will also allow the county to partially reopen some of their county offices and services, including the courthouse. The county is asking anyone requesting services to call ahead so that the departments can properly meet their needs. 

The judge also wrote that each office will establish its own health and hygiene protocols based on the size of the office and the ability to maintain social distancing practices. He also encouraged residents looking to visit county offices to wear proper face mask protection. 

"The delicate balance between maintaining both our health and our life-giving economy is now truly being put to the test.  We can and will come through Phase I of the Governor’s plan if we continue to take on personal responsibility when it comes to sanitization, social distancing, personal protection, and the protection of our healthcare providers to treat and manage those who become infected," Judge Weber wrote. 



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