First responders train for active shooter on Camp Mabry

Wednesday, authorities joined forces to take down an active shooter at Camp Mabry during a training scenario.

First responders said the exercise provides hands-on experience in a lifelike situation.

Gunshots rang out at Camp Mabry just after 9 am. Texas Military Forces and Austin police rushed to the scene.

Officers quickly put on their tactical gear. Then, with guns drawn, they start searching for the active shooter.

"The intensity is very fast-paced. It's very loud. With law-enforcement coming in, it's very dynamic. So it's really easy, even in a training scenario, to get excited," said Camp Mabry Garrison Commander Lt. Col. Les Davis.

This time their response is just practice so that police are prepared in case one day it's real.

"With the rise of the terrorist activity overseas and the continuing incidents that we see here in the United States, we feel it's important to train our employees and the tenants here on Camp Mabry for an incident should one occur," said Davis.

The reality that an active shooter could attack on a military base is all too familiar in Central Texas.

"Last year, we conducted this exercise and just a couple of weeks later; unfortunately, we had the shooting at Fort Hood. So it's important for us to train and be prepared in case we do have a situation like this on post," said Davis.

Police, EMS and Military Forces said the exercise is a rare chance for them to train together because after police clear the building, EMS arrives to transport victims.

Police said they update their tactics every year based on what they learn during the exercise and in real-life scenarios.

"We are constantly learning and evolving our types of training to the situations," said Commander Darryl Jamail of the Austin Police Department.