Florence and the Machine give bedside concert to teen in hospice care

15-year-old Karinya Chen has been fighting a rare form of cancer for the past five years. Through the ordeal she has maintained a positive attitude with the help of some music.

An old fashioned record player sits in Karinya Chen's hospice room, playing one of her favorite songs by Florence and the Machine.

“She walked in and said, 'I'm Florence' and I was like oh my God! Fangirl moment,” Chen said.

Karinya was supposed to go to their concert last Thursday, but became too sick to make it. That's when the staff at Hospice Austin's Christopher House decided to try and get in touch with the band.

“It never hurts to ask and people want to do a good thing if they have the opportunity,” Christie Kremer, nurse practitioner, said.

Hospice staff and Florence were soon working together to create an unforgettable experience for Karinya. She is fighting paraganglioma, a rare form of cancer.

For Karinya, the song “Shake it Out” has a special meaning.

“There's always darkness before the dawn. As a cancer patient you learn not to take things for granted,” she said.

The 15-year-old is not shy, and even joined in on the singing with Florence, and harmonizing.

“I'm alright I'm alright. I'm not that great,” she said jokingly.

“She held my hand too. She did the traditional London greeting and that was so special.  Like, Florence welch sat next to my bed and gave me hugs kisses guys,” Chen said.

“Although her body is attacking itself right now, Karinya's perseverance shines brighter.

“I believe in miracles and this was a miracle sent from heaven, and she's an angel,” Chen said about Florence.

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