Former AFD supervisor allegedly recorded women in locker room

A former Austin Fire Department supervisor is under investigation after allegedly setting up cameras and recording equipment in a fire station locker room.

It is reported that an AFD supervisor retired quickly after allegations that he set up recording devices in a fire station locker room.

Austin police said their special investigations unit is looking into the case. AFD is tight lipped about the case at this time.

They have not said which station this occurred at or who the suspect is. The fire department has 73 female firefighters out of 1,007. That's more than the national average. We caught up with Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr in Austin City Hall, who remained quiet on the topic.

“It's still an ongoing investigation. That's it,” said Kerr.

The Austin Firefighters Association released a statement about this case saying:

"Sure, if these allegations end up being true...this is disgusting and despicable behavior that will not be tolerated by the fire chief, the Austin Firefighter Association or any of the fine men and women firefighters of the Austin Fire Department. This repulsive, sickening act is very much outlier behavior and not even close to the way brother and sister Austin firefighters normally treat each other. If these allegations are true, he is not one of us." –Bob Nicks, President, Austin Firefighter Association.