Bastrop holds inaugural Fourth of July celebration

The streets of downtown Bastrop were covered in red, white and blue Saturday morning for the city's inaugural Fourth of July celebration.

"But as a small community, we love to get together and celebrate together and just recognize our veterans. And the parade was wonderful," said Bastrop resident Mary Jan Kiefer.

The Bastrop fuzzy friends even took part of this year's celebration.

"We had a lot of fun. The puppies had a great time. And I just really love the sense of community here right now," said Bastrop resident Valerie Sanchez.

"It was just so precious to see all of the pups decorated in red, white and blue and their carriages. And I love that we're starting a new tradition here in Bastrop," said Kiefer.


The cornhole tournament brought a lot of people from all ages to downtown Bastrop.

"We have our cornhole family. So that's what we do is we do so many cornhole events throughout the weeks, throughout the months, throughout the year. So, to be here is a gigantic group of people celebrating Bastrop, you know, our home and enjoying a sport that we love to play," said Bastrop resident Eric Gonzalez.

"We did have our inaugural tournament last year for Fourth of July, like our for our family club team for cornhole. It was actually a really good success. But to also be able to do it like every year afterwards makes it feel really good," said Bastrop resident Tyler Gonzalez.

As many people gather around to celebrate fourth of July they share what this holiday means for them.

"Grandma is going to have an opportunity to further celebrate America's independence. And just check out all the states. Thanks to my husband, who is retired army and my daddy who retired air force," said Kiefer.

"Fireworks and celebration and having a good time with friends," said Sanchez.

"Weekend for friends, family, barbecue and, of course, backyard games," said Gonzalez.