Kingsland family asking for answers about who killed their loved one a year ago

A Kingsland family is asking for help identifying the hit-and-run driver of a semi-truck who killed their loved one a year ago.

"Any time I see a semi-truck, it wasn't that one, was it? That one? It's not right to have to constantly guess and feel like you're stuck in a loop with no way out," Ian Lewis’ sister Abbey Burton said.

Twenty-four-year-old Ian Lewis was a cashier at Buddie’s, a gas station food shop and convenience store in Kingsland.

"He was goofball," Ian Lewis’ mother Jamie Crawford said.

"He was definitely a goofball," Ian Lewis’ girlfriend Michelle Jackson said.

On August 27, 2022, Lewis, his son, Jackson, and her daughter were driving home from a concert in Austin.

"We went to get on I-35 and were rear ended and while trying to get insurance information, a semi-truck sideswiped us and the truck that rear ended us and killed Ian," Jackson said. "It's an image that'll never go away."

The driver never stopped.

"I don't know how that person can still live with themselves knowing they did what they did. I mean, I just. It makes me angry because if I did something like that, I can't live with myself," Crawford said.

It’s been a year since his death, and the family said they don’t have any answers as to who killed Lewis.

"I can't lose hope that this person who is going to say, hey, this is what I did, I need to turn myself in, I need to make this right. I can't lose hope of that," Crawford said.

The family is asking anyone with information to contact the Austin Police Department.

"Not having answers is one of the hardest parts about it, because you feel stuck, and everybody just keeps walking on their life, and it just makes you want to scream. It's not fair," Burton said.

"You took somebody's family member. You took the father from his child. That's not fair. You need to come forward," Jackson said.