Georgetown principal attributes steady attendance to pen cleaner

Did you know that a pen you use regularly at home, school or work has more bacteria on it that the average toilet seat? That's what one local company says.

They've created a pen-cleaner and one elementary school principal swears by it.

It's called the Cleanpen. The creator lives in Round Rock.

It's basically a docking station for a pen that has a sponge inside of it that has been treated with an anti-microbial solution.

Students at Mitchell Elementary School in Georgetown have been using it since 2012.

Cleanpens are in every classroom, office and common area. Visitors even sign in with it.

Since adding the pens, the school principal says attendance held steady and his need for substitutes has dropped by 20 percent.

"It's about our kids being healthy, keeping our kids healthy in school and learning. As a parent here I appreciate the fact we're doing things like this to keep our kids from getting sick and keeping our teachers here," said Principal Rob Dyer.

125 pens are now on campus.

Principal Dyer has also invested in a special stethoscope with the same cleaning sponge as the pen holder for the school nurse.