Georgetown fire stations now have microchip scanners for lost pets

Lost pets in Georgetown now have another way of finding their way home. 

Residents who find loose dogs and cats will be able to take them to any fire station in Georgetown to have them scanned for a microchip thanks to a new partnership between Georgetown Animal Services and the Georgetown Fire Department.

If a found animal has a microchip, firefighters can collaborate with microchip companies, veterinarian offices, and others to obtain the owner’s contact information, with the goal of returning the pet home without taking up a spot at the local shelter, according to the City of Georgetown.

"The shelter has a finite amount of space," Animal Services Manager April Haughey said. "When we have high intake numbers and no space, it is extremely helpful to keep even one animal out of the shelter. By returning an animal home without ever passing through the shelter, we not only reunite families but also create valuable space at the shelter for other animals who need to come in."

The City of Georgetown reminds residents that the fire stations are not able to take possession of any pets. If owners cannot be reached or identified, fire personnel can give guidance as to the next steps.

"If the owner is okay with the finder bringing it home after being contacted, and the finder is willing, they can meet up and get the animal back home," she said. "If an animal does not have a microchip, the finder can still bring it to the City's shelter."

Click here for more information from Georgetown Animal Services.