Georgia man meets Texas mom of boy who donated kidney

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Natalie Gonzalez and Shane Murphy finally met nearly four years to the day her 10-year old son, Hunter, donated his kidney to a then 49-year old Murphy. It was a gift only made possible after Hunter died in a Jet Ski and tubing accident.

"I wanted to put a face with a name and hear the stories about their likes, dislikes and the family," said Gonzalez.

The anticipation has been nerve wracking. Both were wondering if the other would like them or could they create a true bond.

"What both Natalie and Hunter did for me saved my life," said Murphy. "I wanted the day to happen. At the same time, I was nervous thinking 'will she like me?' I wanted to know more about [Hunter]. Pictures, you know, about his personality."

That is why after talking about meeting for a while, they finally did it. Gonzalez flew in from Dallas. It was a chance to bond, learn about each other, and the little boy who lived his life full of energy.

"[Hunter] was mischievous and fun," said Murphy. "He kind of rubbed off on me. He's made me laugh a lot."

After all, Hunter is now a part of Murphy and that is why he has his life back after struggling with diabetes and hypertension. Gonzales wanted to come away from this get-together confident Murphy has respected Hunter's gift of life

"I want to hear about going out to check the mail, walking outside," said Gonzalez "He's doing a great job."