Great Dane honored by APD for crime-fighting

A Great Dane has just been named an honorary Austin police k-9. "Asia" caught burglars in the act two times within 10 days.

This is a happy bark. It's what owners Mary and Christina Green are used to hearing from their four-year-old Great Dane named Asia.

In November, Asia let out a bark in the early-morning hours that they never heard before.

"I woke up of course and said Asia come. She came to the bedroom and she stood guard at the door. As soon as I laid back down, I heard people trying to come in," said Green.

Green called 9-1-1 and went to the back door of their South Austin home to let Asia out.

"At that very moment they actually jumped up onto the house and she kept them out there, on top of the house," said Green.

The two eventually got down and ran, but they didn't get far.

Two hours after Asia's first alert, Alejandro Cuellar and Sueallen Garza were in custody.

Both were charged with attempted burglary.

Then, 10 days later, Asia let out that same series of barks again. Green went outside to investigate and saw an unfamiliar vehicle parked by her neighbor's house.

"I shined my flashlight into their backyard and I see that it's not my neighbors. Then I hear them break the window out of their back patio door," said Green.

When officers arrived, they say they found Jorge Galvan and his brother Oscar carrying stolen items.

They were arrested for burglary. While investigating, officers say they tied the men to break-ins at three other homes. Officers noted in court paperwork that the brothers hit those homes within a few hours.

Austin police called the greens asking to present them with an award for their help. They were quick to tell officers that it was all Asia's doing.

Sure enough, officers agreed.

Officer Aaron Townsend helped get a special medal made for Asia's collar. They presented it to her earlier this month.

"It's pretty cool," said Townsend.

Townsend says he sees why she scared the burglars away.

"She's beautiful, really intimidating, but in a good guard dog kind of way," said Townsend."

"Thank God we have her," said Green. "I'm proud of her. She did us proud and she got a lot of love and she continues to get a lot of love."

The Green's created a Facebook page in honor of Asia to promote large breeds. You can visit it here.